How the ULV Mister Sprayer Sanitizes & Protects Your Commercial, Rural, or Industrial Space

Protect Your Space From Various Health Threats

As COVID-19 shows no signs of slowing down, neither should your company’s commitment to safety and excellence. First Global Supply has been an industry expert in commercial and industrial protective gear and safety supplies. We offer a range of personal protective equipment alongside tools and products that help you exceed government and public safety expectations. One product in particular can change the way you sanitize, clean, and protect your commercial space.

Prioritize Safety And Maximize Efficiency

The ULV PPE Mister Sprayer is a multi-purpose sprayer that is used to coat surfaces and materials of all kinds with an even mist. Depending on your industry, you may need to mist pesticides or bug repellant across your greenhouse or conveniently and reliably disinfect a restaurant or warehouse. Regardless of your individual use-case, the ULV PPE Mister Sprayer offers several benefits that make it an easy (and needed) purchase for your business.

To start, an industrial-grade fogger can help you spray or sanitize large areas easily and efficiently. A long range ensures that the mist will coat and land on surfaces up to thirty feet away from the operator. The fogger backpack is designed for comfortable wear with a padded back and adjustable straps and weighs in at just under thirty pounds.

A high-performance motor produces an even fog made up of uniform droplets, ensuring that the applicator does not waste any time redoing sections or double-checking for missed areas. Our top-of-the-line fogger runs on electricity so it’s available when you need 24/7. You won’t have to worry about a battery dying or the device not being charged when you need it most.

Add A Fogger To Your Safety Arsenal

The ULV PPE Mister Sprayer can be used in any commercial, rural, or industrial space. As a precaution for COVID-19, it’s always wise to use an industry-grade fogger to disinfect and sterilize widely used areas. The tank holds 10 liters of fluid which disperse into a fine mist, lowering the volume of carrier chemicals. This helps manage costs while protecting the environment and creating an effective application.

Keep health protocols and safety precautions a priority by staying ahead of the curve. Reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination, the spread of germs, and potential health code violations or outbreaks by incorporating the fogger into your regular maintenance routine. Add the ULV PPE Mister Sprayer to your cart today!

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